About Us

Arak Poly Clinic

The Arak Dental Complex was established in 1998 and opened as two separate clinics. In 2006, the clinics were converted into a clinic complex. In 2008, the clinics were transferred to the Arak Dental Complex as a complex for the treatment of all oral and dental diseases and their specialties.

Our Vision

Arak Medical Complex is a leader in providing medical services for oral and dental patients (treatment, surgery, beauty) through excellence and credibility in dealing with patients

Our Message

Providing special and advanced medical services for dental treatment with high quality specifications and competitive prices for all patients

Our Purpose

To achieve all medical services for the treatment of all diseases of mouth and teeth in various sections and specialties with the latest methods and techniques and modern technology that keep pace with the times

Our Goals

The Arak Dental Center strives to achieve quality and professionalism in all its services.